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Thank You for a Job Well Done

May 12, 2023

On Tuesday, the 25th of April, WPC was host to the Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia. The support provided to the attendees was superlative. A letter received from PEVA stated that, “The whole process was extremely well planned and implemented….The reviews that were received by the Presbytery office were all very complimentary of Williamsburg Presbyterian Church. Please convey to the Session and the congregation our thanks for a job well done.”

Volunteers poured forth to make this event a true success. A sincere thank you goes out to the following members who made this all happen: Dawn Schaible, Sarah Houghland, Rebecca Caprio, Harley Stewart, Jim Winthrop, Joan Seamon, Martha Squire, Mary Lib Puller, Margie Newcomer, Lynn Newcomer, Ann Schulte, Nancy Hammond, Janie Moyers, Pat Brenegan, Karen Lee, Karol Sibley, Copper Perry, Kay Allen, Faith Shartzer, Dale Trowbridge, Ford Moseley, Nancy Moseley, Eric Beckhusen, Ellen Peters, Ric Cheston, Gini Campbell, Happy Simmons, Sue Rennagel, Margie Ambrose, Dorothea Shannon, Pat Cowan, Ellen D’Orsogna, Judy Austin, Jan Russel, Susan Golf, Mike Savidis, Regina Thek, Jean Scott, Cherie Wodarski, Linda Eaton, Karen McKee, and Debbie Boggio.

Bill Riffer, Clerk of Session

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