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Our Leaders


Eighteen elders and all called and covenant pastors comprise Session, which is responsible for church governance and spiritual leadership. The congregation elects and ordains elders to discern and measure its fidelity to the word of God, and to strengthen and nurture its faith and life. Six elders are elected annually to serve three-year terms. They lead seven permanent ministries that are composed of both elders and volunteer church members.


John E. Morgan

Clerk of Session

Diane Schwarz


John E. Morgan
Pam Hrncir

Class of 2024

Kay Allen Christian Outreach
Laura Hild Communications
Karen McKee Christian Outreach
Tommy Michaels Resources
Jaynelle Oehler Administration
Martha Squire Communications

Class of 2025

Sarah Houghland Administration
Elaine McBeth Resources
Sallie McLain Christian Education
Faith Shartzer Administration
Dale Trowbridge Facilities
Jim Winthrop Worship

Class of 2026

JD Due Christian Education
Jay Eaton Resources
Jerry Howell Facilities
Kelly Kirkpatrick Christian Education
Margie Newcomer Administration
Larry Pulley Administration

Board of Deacons

Deacons provide pastoral care for members of the church. In many respects, the Deacons are the “connective tissue” of the church, comforting, supporting and caring for the congregation. The Diaconate consists of six ministry teams and seven care teams whose work is carried out by deacons and volunteer church members. Your help is welcomed!


Janie Moyers


Copper Perry


Jo Ann Youhas

Pastoral Advisor

Pam Hrncir

Transition Team

Ellen Peters, Laura Bechtler

Class of 2024

Margie Ambrose Nancy Miller
Nancy Archibald Nancy Moseley
Terry Backus Janie Moyers
Joane Bozek Lynn Newcomer
Linda Eichhorn Shirley Randolph
Nate Green Phoebe Williams
Emily Krogh Dougie Winthrop

Class of 2025

Laura Bechtler Copper Perry
Sarah Dulaney Sue Rennagel
Harold Herring Deborah Rockafellow
Sarah Horner Happy Simmons
Dave Littell Jo Ann Youhas

Class of 2026

Eric Beckhusen Duncan McIver
Martha Burian Robin Sabo
Rebecca Caprio Leigh Salud
Doris Gilfillan Lee Saxton
Jennifer LaDow Carol Thomas