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We welcome community organizations to use our facility.  Our sanctuary is known for its splendid acoustics and can accommodate 350 people.  We have meeting spaces for groups of all sizes, from 2 to 200.

If your organization wishes to use the WPC facility for an event or series of events, please review our  Facilities Use Policy, Guidelines and Request Forms for guidance and to initiate a request.  
Upon receipt of a completed request form, WPC will determine:

  1. Whether its Facilities Use Policy permits use by the requesting organization and for the proposed event
  2. Whether the requested date(s) is available, and
  3. Whether any special requests can be accommodated.

Note:  A request for use of WPC facilities is not considered approved until it has been agreed to and signed by both the requesting organization and WPC.  For additional information, please contact Stephen Foster, our director of finance and administration by email or telephone (757) 229-4235.  He is ready to help you.

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For Internal WPC EVENTS Only

All internal WPC groups wishing to book rooms for in-person, virtual or hybrid meetings or events, are asked to complete and submit the WPC Event Request form.  Your request will be sent to our Church Secretary for review,  approval and resource coordination.

   WPC Event Request Form