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WPC Deacons

Deacons provide pastoral care for members of the Williamsburg Presbyterian Church. In many respects, the Deacons are the “connective tissue” of the church: comforting, supporting, and caring for the congregation through their role as Family Deacons and participation in one of the eight Diaconate Missions.

Each Deacon is assigned specific church members and families to serve as their Family Deacon. The Family Deacon provides a channel of communication between families and clergy, church staff, and the congregation regarding church activities and the needs or concerns of each family.

The Diaconate consists of eight permanent missions whose work is carried out by deacons and volunteer church members.

Celebrations and Concerns Mission

The Celebrations and Concerns Mission reaches out through notes and cards to WPC members who are hospitalized or homebound, or who have lost a loved one. It also welcomes new WPC members and celebrates happy events such as births and baptisms. This mission coordinates the WPC Prayer Chain, which regularly prays for members of the congregation and beyond who are in need.

Christian Fellowship Mission

The Christian Fellowship Mission provides social opportunities for church members to gather and become better acquainted. Several examples include the weekly Coffee Hour between services, the New Member Receptions, the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, and the Annual Church Picnic.

Confirmation Mission

The Confirmation Mission prepares young people for deeper, active church membership through study and related activities. Deacons teach and coordinate this important work in partnership with the Director of Educational Ministries and the Christian Education Committee.

Family Deacon Mission

The Family Deacon Mission assists and supports each Family Deacon with training and education as they minister to their individual families. This mission is also involved in providing Extended Communion to WPC members who are unable to attend church services and administering our Congregational Care Meal Mission.

Flower Sharing Mission

The Flower Sharing Mission rearranges Sunday's chancel flowers after Sunday worship into smaller containers and coordinates delivery to WPC members who are ill, home-bound, or experiencing a loss. 

Memorial Services Mission

The Memorial Services Mission helps coordinate all facets of funerals and memorial services.

Memorial Receptions Mission

The Memorial Receptions Mission provides a reception including punch and cookies in Stevenson Hall following a funeral or memorial service. They may also coordinate with a caterer or a WPC Circle.

Membership Mission

The Membership Mission is in charge of the new member classes that welcome new members to WPC and introduce them to our church family. There is an emphasis on building friendships while learning about WPC ministries, missions, and other programs of the church.