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Surprises Ahead! An Update From the Open Door Concert Series

February 09, 2024

With each concert, we strive to deliver more than music. Open Door Concert musicians bring stories, insights and history to their performances, and often cross musical genres in surprising ways. You won't want to miss the final three concerts of this season!

Transport yourself to the streets of England in Shakespeare’s time.

The Baltimore Consort is a premier interpreter of Elizabethan popular music, drawn from the taverns, street corners, and theatrical performances of Shakespeare's era. Their performances are infused with joy and spontaneity, causing the New Yorker to hail, "Few early music players have more fun making music than the Baltimore six".

Preview their music here, and join us at 4PM on Sunday, February 25.

Witness a live taping of public radio’s Pipe Dreams, featuring an improvisational master.

We've long been excited to welcome organist Aaron David Miller, who is regarded as a world-class performer, composer, and improviser. It's equally exciting to announce that we will also be welcoming Michael Barone, host of the nationally syndicated public radio program Pipedreams. In addition to recording content for an upcoming episode, Michael will be interviewing Dr. Miller throughout the program. It will be a unique opportunity for all!

Preview Aaron's finesse at improvising music here, and join us at 4PM on Sunday, April 21.

Listen anew to old harmonies mixed with youthful energy.

Windborne draws from the deep roots of vocal harmony, bringing old songs to the present with their bold harmonies, youthful energy, and engaging personalities. They draw inspiration from folk music's longtime alliance with social activism and movements that champion the oppressed, the poor, and the disenfranchised. Discovery why National Public Radio declared Windborne, "the best musical discovery of the year".

Preview their unique harmonies here, and join us at 4PM on Sunday, May 19.

We look forward to seeing you and your guests at a concert soon! And, be sure to say, 'Hello'!

Your Open Door Concert Series Team

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