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Present Word / Alpha Class Spring Study

February 17, 2023

From March through May, the (originally) Alpha adult Sunday Bible Class  will be discussing texts centered around the topic "Jesus Calls Us." There will be three separate units, all of which promise to be interesting. The first, using texts from all four Gospels, is titled, "Called from the Margins of Society." We will see that rather than looking among the well-to-do, the well educated, the most respected people in His society to be disciples and examples for all to follow, Jesus raised up some of the last people one might expect. It's hard to know, for us at WPC today, is this good or scary news? We can expect interesting discussions.

Using texts from Luke and John, the second unit  will be "Experiencing the Resurrection," beginning with the discovery of the empty tomb and exploring some post resurrection encounters which brought people into the fellowship of believers. Finally the texts for the third unit, "The Birth of the Church," all come from the book of Acts. We will see Jesus' promises for the new Church and again marvel at some of the unlikely people called to be part of it.

Our class meets at 9:30 Sunday mornings in room 011 on the lower level. Alternatively, when we can get the technology to work, we share the class on Zoom using this link.
A rotating team of leaders guide the studies, using our denomination's Present Word curriculum based on the Uniform Standard Lessons and emphasizing discussion rather than lectures. To learn more  about this class, contact Pete Hoyle. All are welcome to join us for a Sunday, a month, or forever. Finally (counting on the weekly fellowship upstairs in Stevenson Hall), we always say, "Coffee is available."

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