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May 12, 2023

New Short Form Classes Begin in Fall

While taking a look at some of the data that has been gathered by our Thriving Congregations team, our DEM and CE Committee began to talk about how we could expand our offerings to help connect more people within certain demographics or with certain interests. We know many of you have long time relationships with groups you meet with for faith and fellowship, but also that you have other areas of interest where you’d love to make connections or find support.

With that in mind we have decided that in addition to our Fellowship and Alpha classes on Sunday mornings, we are going to offer a number of short form classes/groups that will be based around a number of different subjects. These groups will meet for 3 to 6 weeks, and be particularly focused on a passion of the facilitator, a need in our community, or something that is specific to a group within our congregation. Some classes topics being discussed currently include:

  • I’ve been Meaning to Ask…: A series on courage and communication in the church
  • Club Sandwich: For those living in the sandwich generation
  • Grandma’s Hands: Sharing stories of faith
  • Tov: What God means by good
  • Mental Health Book Group

Do you have a subject you enjoy? Would you like to help more people in the congregation learn about it? We would love to include your subject as one of our offerings. Even if you only have an idea and want to talk about what a class might look like, we’d love to do that with you. Contact any member of the CE Committee, DEM “A” Williams, or fill out the form by clicking below. 

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