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Adult Bible Study

Christian Education Bible Study

Christian Beliver-Knowing God with Heart and Mind: This study assumes that most church goers tend to know little about the central teachings of the Christian faith and its ties to Scripture. Issues of the heart and the insights of the mind come together in this topical study of basic tenets (such as Providence, Salvation, Atonement, Sanctification, Grace….) of the Christian faith. The aim of this study is to understand what we believe as Christians and its ties to scripture. God and faith are revealed as we study scripture in context.The Study Manual guides daily reading in scripture.The Readings book includes brief selections from the writings of ancient and modern Christian commentators on the great doctrines of the Christian faith.Each week participants will also view video presentations by leading Bible scholars and participate in discussion. Please contact Sarah Avellar for more information or to join. New members are always welcome.

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