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Tech Corner: Online Membership Directory

July 14, 2023

You may have noticed that when we provide links to people in the WPC community online, with the exception of staff members with "mywpc.org" email addresses, we always provide a link to the online directory instead of publishing the email address. That extra step is intentional to help protect the privacy of the many active people in this church, and it is convenient if you have access to the directory.

Where do I find the directory?

We maintain the directory through ShelbyNext Church Management System (“ShelbyNext”), which can be accessed directly at mywpc.shelbynextchms.com. That’s a lot to remember and type! Another easy way to get to the directory is through the home page of our mywpc.org website, using the direct link at the top.

How do I get access to the directory?

If you have already requested a login and have the information, you should be all set. You can even remain logged in after your initial setup. For frequent users, this is very convenient.

If you have never requested access to the directory, or have lost the login info, you can request access through the website. It is accessible from the home page under “About Us” or directly at mywpc.org/directory.Connect with Us Form Access

The directory page provides useful background information, a link to request access, and responses to frequently asked questions.

Managing Your Directory Information

In addition to looking up contact information, you can maintain your own information in the directory, including change of address, email changes, and even updating your photo. As always, you can contact the church office ( or 757-229-4235) for assistance. We can help you can stay connected!

Go to Online Directory Request Directory Access

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