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Let There Be (LED) Light: The WPC Lighting Upgrade Project

September 29, 2023

The work included replacing the 228 chandelier and sconce bulbs in the sanctuary, and 358 new ceiling light fixtures in Stevenson Hall and in all the rooms and corridors throughout the rest of the church, as well as 8 new exterior wall light fixtures on the Richmond Road side of the church.

This upgrade to the lighting will reduce the church’s operating cost for electricity as well as cut down on the maintenance costs for light bulb replacement, since LED bulbs use less electricity and last far longer than the former incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  Also, the new interior ceiling light fixtures provide an improved lighting spread and appearance in the rooms. And, the new exterior wall light fixtures are much more aesthetically pleasing than the previous fixtures, which were undersized and in poor condition.

Most noteworthy, the interior lighting upgrades were able to be accomplished at minimal cost to the church thanks to a rebate program offered by Dominion Energy.  And, the new exterior wall lighting fixtures were funded in part by a generous donor.

Many thanks to those church members and staff involved in the planning and implementation of these improvements, including  Elbert Fleming, Stephen Foster, Betty Ann Davis, Paul Reier, Hans Schwartz, Chuck Timko, Dale Trowbridge and Fred Whitley.

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