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Greetings from Central Evangelistic Presbyterian Church

November 10, 2023

Central Evangelistic Presbyterian Church
Sixth Avenue A, 4-68
Zone 1, Guatemala City

October 23, 2023

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Williamsburg Presbyterian Church,

Our prayer is that the Grace & Blessing of God be with each one of you.

Through our Brother Noé Ramirez, who has the pleasure of visiting and sharing with you this weekend, we send a brotherly greeting trusting in God that all that is happening in your church is being guided by the Holy Spirit.

We are hoping, if it be God’s will, that next year, perhaps March or in the not-too-distant future, a small group from our church could make a visit to the Williamsburg church with the goal of continuing to strengthen the relationship of our two congregations and the projects we are supporting.

May God continue to bless you.

Fellowship Committee

Philippians 2:2: Make my joy complete by having fellowship with one another.

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