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The “Offering of Letters” is sponsored by the Bread for the World (BFW) organization.  BFW is a well-known and established collective Christian voice urging Congress to end hunger at home and abroad.  Bread for the World is endorsed by the PC(USA).  The PC(USA) encourages participation in the “offering of letters” as a means for Hunger Action Congregations, such as ours, to demonstrate “public policy witness” to combat hunger in the U.S. and around the world.

This year’s “Offering of Letters” campaign seeks support for both domestic and international anti-hunger efforts. In the U.S., it urges lawmakers to make the expansion of the child tax credit (CTC) in the American Rescue Plan permanent and available to all children regardless of immigration status. The CTC expansion will lift millions of children out of poverty, as well as help reduce hunger and narrow the racial wealth gap, which has been exacerbated by unemployment amid COVID-19. Overseas, this year’s effort advocates for increased U.S. leadership and funding for global nutrition programs, as the impacts of COVID-19 have triggered a sharp rise in global hunger.


  1. Learn More About the Issues
    Find two fact sheets here from BFW about the two anti-hunger issues for which we are urging support:
    Fact Sheet: COVID and Global Hunger
    Fact Sheet: Child Tax Credit
  2. Prepare Your Letters
    Below are links to four sample letters:  one for each of your senators and one for your representative (either Rob Wittman or Elaine Luria).  You may prepare up to three letters (senators (2); representative (1)).
    ◦    You may use the samples, or
    ◦    Use the sample and include a personalized message, or
    ◦    Write your own letter.
    ◦    Please sign and print your name and include your address so the senator or representative knows you are a constituent. Note that these letters are offered both in Microsoft Office (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats.

Download Sample Letters

  1. Send Letters
    Mail the letter(s) to the address in the header of the letter; or
    Email the letter on each congressperson's website:
    Note:  each website requires you to fill out a form before cutting and pasting in your letter/message.
  2. Report Back
    Once you have sent your letters, please notify Jim Winthrop and tell him how many letters you sent and to whom.  Jim will report the tally of letters to Bread for the World.