Is it Friday already?

Author: Rebecca Elton
July 21, 2017

Day 6

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for… the Chorister’s Guild Day Awards have been presented and the winners are (drum roll):

  • Day 1 – Most Confusing
  • Day 2 – Most Overwhelming
  • Day 3 – Most Emotional
  • Day 4 – Best Food
  • Day 5 – Most Productive
  • Day 6 – Most Celebratory

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was “I can’t believe it’s Friday already!” That is amazing, considering on Tuesday I was feeling like a whole week had been packed into two days! Today we finished up with our classes, met with our mentor groups to discuss our action plans and celebrated our time here at the Helen Kemp Banquet. Everyone received certificates and the Year 3s celebrated their graduation from the program. The faculty even sang a song to the tune of “Be Our Guest” that honored each of the Year 3s and the contribution they had made to the program.

It was a day full of reflection and celebration. Pictures were taken, hugs were given and goodbyes were said. Throughout the day, with each final class and conversation, the same message found its way to my heart. “Ok Rebecca, now you know what to do… so, go out there and do it! It will take practice and discipline. It will take time. It won’t always be easy. But, it will always matter and it will always bear fruit. Never forget, I am always with you…”


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