In The Business of Forgiveness

Author: Elizabeth Padgett
March 06, 2019

The word forgive is defined as to excuse for a fault or an offense. Ever since my husband died five years ago from liver cancer; I have become a woman in the “forgiving business.” When a doctor or professional appointment is running late, I try to be understanding and forgiving.  We have no idea how another person is feeling or the set of circumstances he or she is going through until we “walk in their shoes.” In retrospect, I believe my father-in-law, a front-line surgeon in WW II, had PTSD. He abused my husband, Philip when he was a child until he was 16 years old. I believe my husband became a controlled alcoholic as an adult because of the pain of his childhood abuses. Forgiving my father-in-law and my husband was the hardest thing that I have ever done. Now I ask God to help me understand and forgive every day.

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