Prayer of Petition - October 22, 2017

Author: Rev John E. Morgan
October 23, 2017

Dear Lord and creator of the universe, we thank you for all of your handiwork which we take for granted. We thank you for the morning sun which nudges us from are sleep. We thank you for the rain which blankets us in wetness. We marvel at the interdependence of all the creatures of and plants even the very air we slowly inhale and softly exhale as a gift from you. Help us Lord, to accept your gifts as easily as we do our breaths. Help us to breathe in your peace and exhale our busyness. Help us to breathe in your calmness and exhale our anxiety. Help us to breathe in your quietness and exhale our noise. Help us to breathe in your generosity and exhale our selfishness. Help us to breathe in your love and exhale our hate. Help us to breathe in your faithfulness and exhale our disobedience.

And now in the quietness and the calmness of our hearts we pray you would hear our petitions as we lift them to you. As children, we sang “you've got the whole world in your hands” and as we grow older we realize how great a weight that really must be. You feel the weight of our disobedience, of fighting and wars, of hunger and starving, of flood, fire, and hurricane. We pray that you would mold the broken edges of our globe in your hands and make us whole again.

We know that we cannot solve the world’s problems on our own, but help us Lord, to make our small part of this globe a better place to live. Help us to bring peace in our community, to bring food to those who are hungry and to bring comfort to those who are sick so that we may bring your message of love to those who we touch.

When we think of those people who are special to us standing in the need of prayer, our hearts are filled with names and faces and concerns. So hear us now as we empty our hearts for those whom we love…

 We pray especially for those who are in the hospital. We pray that you would give them rest and relief.

We pray for your church here in Williamsburg. For the people gathered here in your name. We want to be an example of your love and fellowship to all who see us. Yet we know as a human church we fall short of our goals. Help us to relate that we are not perfect people but selfish sinners who come here to be refreshed in your forgiveness and revitalized in your mission. We lift up also ourselves. We pray you would take us, full of insecurities and doubts and anxiety and faults and that you would mold us into the special creation we were intended to be. We pray that you would take our bodies as living sacrifices to you. We have chosen to be servants, show us how to serve. All this we ask in the name of the servant of servants our Lord Jesus Christ who taught us to pray saying: Our Father…


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