Author: Jane Black
March 20, 2019

This Lenten season, we are constantly reminded of the everlasting relationship we have with God. We are always thinking of ways to push ourselves to be better people and better Christians. So often we spend our Lenten time looking forward to the resurrection of Christ and to the joyous Easter Sunday when we break our fasts and welcome Jesus. We rarely take time to appreciate ourselves and our lives in the precious moments we are given with Lent. The moments of rejoice and of song in church, and of time spent in prayer and thoughtful meditation.

Lent is a time to grow closer to God and to find in ourselves the true meaning of being a Christian with a savior who so lovingly sacrificed himself for the forgiveness of our sins. It is important to thank God not only for the gift of his love but for the gifts of Here and Now. Refocusing and re-centering ourselves is an essential part of the Lenten process of giving up and taking in- asking God for guidance in moments of temptation, and thanking God for strength in moments of empowerment. Though we take Lent as a time to both reflect and look forward, it is important not get lost in the in-between. We must recognize God’s love and beauty all around us both intertwined with our own lives and with the world. God is present in all moments- he makes it easy to appreciate our Here and Now.

For my art piece, I picked the painting Evening Song by Sir George Clausen as it reflects a moment of peace or calm within nature. I wanted the subject of my art piece to be a person in the presence of nature, because that’s where I see God’s beauty and appreciate my moments of “Here and Now” most often.


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