Going with God: Dreams

Author: Adrian Williams
May 11, 2020

My mom said she dreams of the day we can go back outside.  Last night I dreamt about flying through the house. Where do dreams come from?

This is not an easy question to answer, as it is about both dreams of a future and dreams from our sleep. It may be best to break down the question a bit.

Your brain is very busy even when you’re sleeping, it is trying to make sense of what has happened and what we are planning for the future. Your brain is designed to make sense of these things through stories, and some of these stories are your dreams at night.

We tend to dream mostly about things that happen in our lives (like playing with a friend) or about things that are important to us (like and upcoming party).  Scientists don’t really know why we dream, but there is evidence that they are related to things that are important to us.  This is because dreams come from the same place in the brain that feelings come from, so it makes sense that they often relate to something you’re nervous, confused or excited about. This is also why bad dreams often relate to something you’re particularly worried about, like forgetting to put your pants on before going to school.

This is similar to the type of dreams that people talk about having for the world or for each other. Let’s say you are learning how to ride a bike or a scooter. You might dream about riding. Maybe you are trying out different ways to ride, get the balance right, and not crash. It’s like you are practicing in your dream.  Likewise, when we talk about how we dream the world could be, or what we want to do in the future, we are talking about how we hope that if we keep our minds on these things they will happen.

Where do dreams come from? They begin in our minds, our hearts, and our souls. They begin with things we love or that we fear, and mix in our daily lives and become something bigger, grander, and often more exciting. Dream On.

Also check out this video for kids:


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