Friends made, and tears shed...

Author: Rebecca Elton
July 18, 2017

Day 3

Let me just tell you about my amazing, talented, fun-loving suitemates. We are all Year 1s and Karol Kimmell, one of the faculty at the Institute, put us together in the same suite because she stalked us on Facebook and found out that we are all young moms with children around the same age. But Karol could never have foreseen that we would have so much in common outside our roles as mothers. We bonded instantly because we found ourselves experiencing this crazy thing together. We support each other through the homework, the worship planning, the conducting practices and the exhaustion. Our bond grows stronger with each conversation and interaction. It is like those friendships made during summer camp – they form quickly because the shared experience is so unique and inspiring. However, unlike a summer camp friendship, I predict that these ladies will still be in my life long after this three-year program has run its course.

I’m glad to report that I only cried two times today!

Ok, I know that does not sound like much of an accomplishment, but this experience leaves one so emotionally raw and physically tired that I’m amazed that the number is so low!

The first time was during my conducting class. The students were each taking turns conducting a piece picked by the instructor for our study and practice. It was our first time up in front of the group “driving the car”, so to say. I was the last student to get a turn and, when I got up there, I was thinking about the conducting choreography so hard that I nervously fumbled many of the passages. My instructor started to praise me on something I had done well when I suddenly started to tear up… even though I wasn’t really upset. I think it was just a lot of nervous energy finally finding a way out of my body! All my classmates rallied around me and encouraged me. I was able to get through the passage twice more, each time with multiple improvements.

The second time was during the evening prayer service. The opening hymn was “How Firm a Foundation," a text and tune that hold a very special place in my heart. I put my hymnal down and sang my heart out! During the last verse (my favorite), I looked out through the upper windows, noticed sun beams beautifully breaking through clouds and thought to myself “Jim Weaver is smiling down on me right now…” I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly in that moment and I lost it.

Throughout my life, I have been inspired by so many supportive, engaging, talented musicians. They left their fingerprints on my heart. I would not be where I am today, doing what I am doing, without their influence. I now find myself poised and ready to pass those blessings on to our children at WPC.

Never mind… make that three times today.


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