"My soul is on fire, but my body is tired..."

Author: Rebecca Elton
July 17, 2017

Day 2

That was my suitemate’s way of describing how she felt at the end of Day 2 and I could not agree more. Our schedule today was packed full of courses. The faculty here are excellent models for an effective teaching method, which means that I don’t get to sit and passively absorb the content. Instead, I am an active participant in the learning process. And when I say active, I mean practicing warm ups, drumming, signing, conducting, sight reading, singing and more singing. So, I’m exhausted ... and it is only Day 2!

At the same time, I am also feeling very inspired! Every course, worship seminar and prayer service is giving me multiple new ideas that I can integrate into Carol Choir. I just keep thinking that my kids are not going to know what hit them come September because I am learning how to structure a rehearsal more efficiently, integrate music literacy more thoughtfully and conduct more meaningfully. Even meals are inspiring because I get to sit with all of these amazing people and learn from their vast pool of experience.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from my classes today:

“Music isn’t in things… it’s in you.” – Mark Burrows

“My goal is to help children fall in love with God the way God is in love with them!” – Mark Burrows

“The playful and the prayerful are not opposites.” – Mark Burrows

“I’d rather hear a simple piece sung beautifully than a difficult piece survived.” – Mark Patterson

“God gave me the voice I need for the job I have.” – Heather Williams Potter

“Show me conducting through Jell-O… now through peanut butter…” – Amanda Page Smith


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