WPC Oral History: Interview with Ken Schwarz

Author: Katie Lee
May 22, 2020

This week features Ken Schwarz, my wonderful second family father. Thank you Ken for supporting me by participating in this project! Unfortunately, there were some technical problems with the audio this week, so there’s only the written portion.

This is the last interview for my project thus far. I hope to continue in the future, but even if that won’t be possible, I hope you’re left with the importance of the individual stories that form our church family. The beauty of people’s differences has inspired me. Church means something different to each person, and each one of us has a different vision for the future. I believe when we work together, collaborate, and appreciate diversity of experience, we change our world for the better.

Tell me about an aspect of your faith life.

I’ve always felt most connected to God while in nature. Those were the moments I found the most spiritual growth. From the time I was fifteen until now I went on canoe camping trips in Canada where I would be disconnected from the world for days on end. It was on those trips that I felt closest to God’s creation. When I’m in nature I get this deep sense of gratitude for being, even now when walking in the woods. 

How has life not gone according to plan?

Well my wife Diane has always been the meticulous planner, but I’m more spontaneous. I see opportunities as things that come and go. I always had that same sense of gratitude for finding blacksmithing. It was unexpected, but when I started doing some blacksmith work in high school, I fell in love with it. I think everything worked out right because I found the thing I was really passionate about. I think people would be happier if they find and pursue the work they love. 

What in the church today gives you hope?

The Church is a key element in my life. I feel a connection here with the physical building and my life. That’s one reason why I offered to make the hinges for the shutters on the sanctuary. I like knowing that my work will continue there after I’m gone. I try to keep a positive perspective for the future. I feel hope because of my sense of community. I feel loved in the church and know people will support me, and I like that I get to support others. Pastor Harold had a big influence in my life and always helped me keep a positive outlook.


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