Spiritual Practice #1: Parable Walk

Author: Adrian Williams
May 05, 2020

Each Tuesday through the month of May we will be sharing some of our favorite spiritual practices. We hope you will take time to try them and adjust them to best suit your situation and needs.  If you are looking for more practices to try, please check out this month’s Kirk Courier.

Spiritual Practice #1: Parable Walk

You will notice not long after starting to read the gospels, Jesus spends a lot of time walking from village to village, from event to event and everywhere it seemed that a group of people followed to hear him speak.  In these times he taught about the Reign of God and about being human. Often came  by pointing out something that might illustrate a truth. Be it seeds falling on different kinds of soil, lamps hidden under baskets, a lost sheep, a found coin, it was always things that may be seen along the journey. That same way God may also use to teach us as we are “on the journey.”

We encourage you this week to take a parable walk, a time spent slowly walking and prayerfully noticing your surroundings. Feel God with you. When something catches your attention, stop and linger longer, and let God’s often quiet voice tell you lessons for your life.  Spend as much time at any particular spot as you feel you need. When you feel ready to move on, do so. This is a journey that asks us to take seriously the practice of solitude so we may allow God to speak to us personally. 

Take the time to engage not just your sight, but your other senses as well. What do you see, hear, taste, and feel inwardly and outwardly? Give yourself no less than a half hour and as much time as you need. Journey on!


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