Prayer Station - Monday, April 6

Author: Adrian Williams
April 06, 2020

Search through your house for a beloved object. Maybe a worn-out stuffed animal, the quilt your grandmother made, or that elementary school art project your child gave you. Find it and hold it.

Take a moment and write down how this object makes you feel. Why do you love it? Did someone who loves you give it to you? What memories do you have attached to it?

I have with me a very old horse beanie baby that I have always loved. At some point, I decided I was too grown up for stuffed animals and collected them all in pile a for Goodwill. My mom dug out this little horse, saved it and gave it back to me recently.

As we enter Holy Week, we know everything’s different this time. This normally beloved season is tainted by fear and anxiety. Yet, fear and anxiety were the exact emotions of the week coming ahead for Jesus and his followers.

As we ponder the love we feel for our object, its ties to our loved ones and memories, we can start to grasp just how much love Jesus must have felt for all of us going into this week. He knew all the pain the week would hold, and he went through this journey anyway. 

Take a moment to remember the love of Christ.


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