Sermon Excerpts: The Road to Emmaus

Author: John Morgan
April 28, 2020

Art by Michael Torevell

The following are excerpts from Rev. John Morgan's April 26 sermon.

Author Rev. Bruce Epperly loved to quote St. Augustine’s Latin phrase, Solvitur Ambulambo – It is solved by walking.  In his book, God’s Touch: Faith, Wellness and the Healing Miracles of Jesus, he wrote, "In my own morning spiritual disciplines, I often practice an aerobic walking prayer. While I have used a number of approaches, the following is one of the easiest. As I begin my walk, I simply notice the quality of my breathing and attempt to breathe deeply at a regular rate. After a few minutes, I change the focus of my breath. With each breath, I imagine healing light entering my body, permeating my mind and brain, neck and shoulders, heart and circulatory system, stomach, legs, and feet. As I exhale, I let go of any tension or stress I may be experiencing at the moment. When my mind wanders, I return to my focus on healing light without judgment or self-criticism. As I conclude my walk, I experience the healing light of God surrounding my body with energy and protection as I put on 'the whole armor of God.' "

Emmaus Road by Rev. John E. Morgan

I’ve been on the road to Emmaus
With heavy footsteps laden by a sorrow weighted heart.
Eyes unable to meet a passing stranger’s gaze
Fixed on the dusty rut in the road.

I’ve been on the road to Emmaus
Walking by the side of a friend sharing a common grief.
Borrowing and lending memories of a loved one lost.
Straining to remember every treasured moment
Before it slips away in time.

I’ve been on the road to Emmaus
Blinded by sadness to the presence of Jesus walking beside me.
Letting anger slip out in careless words to hurt innocent people.
Foolish, disbelieving, unwilling to hold on to hope.

I’ve been on the road to Emmaus
And when I’ve paused to offer hospitality to a stranger,
When I’ve broken blessed bread and shared the cup,
My sight is restored and I finally recognize that Jesus was there
All the time
Burning his love in my cold heart.


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