Dec 3: Grieving Indifference

Author: Katie Lee
December 03, 2019

Grief has been on my mind because I have been so angry with the world. More often than not, my history classes are filled with stories of violence, bloodshed, and genocide. I recently read a diary of Moshe Flinker, a young teenager killed in the Holocaust, and he reflected on the comfort he found in the book of Lamentations. “Not in the Pentateuch with its exalted commandments, nor in the books of the Former Prophets, nor in Isaiah with his lofty poetic eloquence did I find comfort for the anguish of my people, but in Lamentations, that elegy on the earlier calamity that befell my people, did I find it.” Though I know nothing of Moshe’s depth of suffering, I can relate to his desire for lamentations. 
While I easily denounce the actions of those around me, I forget how responsible I am. I’m sorry that Mexican children have died at the border, and I have done nothing to help them. I’m sorry that climate change is ruining our world, and I have selfishly continued to waste resources. I’m sorry that the clothes I buy have been made by the hands of children and slaves. I’m sorry that wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, floods, and tornados have ruined homes all over the world, and I haven’t bothered to care. 
So, God I pray to you. In this season, I grieve my indifference, and I turn to You. I realize it’s only through You that I can have any chance of hope. Thank you for the gift of grief and sorrow and regret. 

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