Daily Advent Devotional - 12/23

Author: The Children of WPC
December 23, 2017

Snack BagsA month or so ago now, as we prepared for Thanksgiving, our children made snack bags for those who were in need for Art Sunday. Here are some of the bags.

You’ll notice a lot of hearts on them, as the kids were not just sending food, but love as well.

We know that food is not enough, money is not enough. It takes a human touch to make a difference. It takes the spark of Love in each of us, the image of God in each of us to make a difference.Nativity

And yet it makes us wonder . . . what was the stable like that day and night before Mary and Joseph arrived. What was the world like before Love took on human form?

Were there hopeless? Were there those who knew no peace? Was there sorrow that drowned out joy? Most likely there was, because there still is.

Yet we know that Love has come, God is with us, and when we take on the yoke of Love and do Love’s work, the world can never be the same.


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