Walking Together - Simplicity

March 21, 2017

Our third communal discipline is the focus of Jesus when he states in Matthew 6:19, “Do not store up treasures on earth . . . for where your treasure is there your heart will be also,” reminding us that freedom isn’t found in what we have, but through simplicity.  As we practice simplicity we learn the spiritual art of letting go, allowing us to loosen our attachment to the ideas of owning and having.  Simplicity begins when we remember that all things are God’s. When we become attuned to our role as stewards of God’s resources, we may find ourselves more free and generous with those things entrusted to us.  Yet it is not enough to claim our roles as stewards of things entrusted to us as individuals, but simplicity also includes our corporate role as stewards of all of creation and the hands/feet of Christ here on earth.  As we unclutter our minds and our space from all the things (treasures) of the earth, we will become more aware of God moving in the world around us, both in nature and in others, and that treasure is the greatest treasure of all.

This week’s Lenten Wednesday Worship will look at Simplicity and we hope you join us for that worship, but also this Saturday as we spend time away from our personal clutter together in God’s natural beauty reflecting on the simplicity that a life in God can provide. Please join us for both these powerful times of community.

We hope that you’ll join us for a walk this Saturday, March 25th at 11:00 a.m. out at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School. Here are other ways for you to practice Simplicity this week:

  • Buy a potted plant or herbs and as you care for it each day, say a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s provision in your life.

  • Go outside to work in your yard, garden, walk, run, go for a bicycle ride, and bask in the beauty of creation!

  • Be waste conscious – try to bring a reusable mug or water bottle with you every day this week, or be food conscious as you try to not throw any food out this week from your refrigerator or after meals.

  • Select one bible verse and work on memorizing it and meditating on it for 20 minutes every day.


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