Prayers of Petition August 27,2017

Author: Rev. Rachel Christine H├ębert
August 28, 2017

Loving Creator, we find ourselves in awe of the world around us. We see evidence of creation praising you, in the swaying of branches in the Spirit’s breeze, waving arms of praise to you. We feel the sun’s rays warming our faces and see plants unfurling to lift their faces to you. We hear animal’s voices and the insect’s melody join in crying out Hosanna! Alleluia!

But God, our hearts cry out to you in other ways--we cry out to you with prayers of “Help us, help us, help us.” We continue to feel the ripple effects of Charlottesville across our states, in other cities and towns where rallies based on fear trigger violence, even in the face of those who seek non-violence and peace. Terror and fear run rampant across the globe, from Spain to the Middle East. O God, how we need you. We are reminded that we are finite and prone to fear, but you, O God, are one of love, and your love is infinite. This world needs signs of your love, is desperately seeking ways to reach together, to grasp hands, lock arms, and say NO to the darkness that is fear, terror, and violence. Help us to reach across divides and divisions, to seek common ground in the faces of those who look and believe differently from us, and grant us the grace to see them as precious children created in your image. Love will forever conquer fear, and light pierce any doom we might perceive, so help us to be light and image bearers, searching more for the light in others, than ways to extinguish your light within them.

God the earth cries out to you as well. We hear of earthquakes in Italy, mudslides in Congo, and can already see the effects of hurricane Harvey in the Texas area. Be with our brothers and sisters across the globe, as homes are destroyed, as the efforts of nesting and creating a space that is safe and welcoming are now collapsing and filling with water.  Help us to be more attentive to creation, to not be so consumed with dominating land, but seeing the many ways in which this earth provides a safe and welcoming space for us. For trees that help give us the air we need to breathe, for flowers and fauna that inspire beauty and artistry that our souls need, for sun and rain, both of which nourish the earth, just as you provide nourishment for us as well.

Grant us nourishment, inspiration, and moments to just breathe. You provide us with nourishment, with food to fill our bodies so that we might do your work. We are provided with nourishment in the form of medications, medication that helps us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We pray for all those where there is no nourishment of medication, for those who have seen the ways in which medication has failed, for those who abuse medication. 

We are grateful for inspiration, for the beauty of music--organ and trumpet--, for the rhythm of poetry, for the artistry of photographs, sculptures, and paintings. Creation inspires us, and reminds us that we are to be creators as well, creators of homes, of food, creators of friendships, and creative ways in which to reach out and serve others.

In all things, O God, help us to just take every moment one breath at a time. We can become so swept away in the busyness of life, in the craziness of transitions, in our own emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety, that we forget you are with us, that you are beside us, telling us to just breathe. We breathe your Spirit in now O God, and breathe out the prayer you taught us, saying…


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