Stations of The Cross - Saturday, April 11

Author: Adrian Williams
April 11, 2020

Reflections for Holy Saturday made up of the title of the station, and a prayer related to the ideas portrayed by the station. Please take time to go through considering Christ's journey and how his experiences are echoed in our lives today.

1. Jesus Condemned to Death

Lord forgive us.

We persecute the innocent
 and turn away from the most vulnerable. 

We have all stood in that crowd shouting “Crucify him”

Help us to have compassion,
to suffer with those the world condemns.

Let us refuse to do what is easy
And repudiate the hatred around us.

2. Jesus Carries the Cross

Lord our sorrow is heavy; 
Our sins and burdens bring us down.

We try to carry them alone, but we fail.

We are weak without you. 

Give us strength, we cannot do this by ourselves.

3. Jesus Falls the First Time

Lord we fall at your feet. 

Sometimes we celebrate the pain of others;
We feel strong by making others weak. 

We laugh as we watch another person get hurt. 

When we see suffering, we think “I’m glad that’s not me” 
And we turn away as if it didn’t matter.

Forgive us, we pray.

4. Jesus and His Mother

Lord we long for our loved ones. 

Our mother’s embrace, laughter with our friends. 

We consider reckless ways to be with them. 

We think of those lonely and afraid in hospital beds. 

We suffer with those grieving 
who cannot even hold a funeral for their beloved.

We pray for a day where we may embrace each other again
Without fear.

5. Simon Helps Carry the Cross

Lord, sometimes in our arrogance 
we think we can walk through this world alone.

But now more than ever we recognize our dependence–
On our health care workers, our trash collectors, our mail carriers. 

We need each other.

Lord let us be humbled by our human weaknesses–
And recognize that no one succeeds without the help of others. 

6. Jesus Falls a Second Time

Lord we make resolutions.
We say, “This time will be different;
I will be kinder, stronger, better.”

But we fail again and again. 

We fall and you give us grace we don’t deserve.

7. The Women Who Cry for Their Children

Lord, as the women cried for you
You called them to look outward. 

Help us to deny our selfishness and self-pity
As we look out into a world that desperately needs action.

There are those on the periphery 
Who long to be recognized.

Help us to see them and include all into our circle. 

8. Jesus Falls for the Last Time

Lord we will fall, over and over again.

But just as we resign ourselves to our weakness,
You call us back again
Into your arms.

You start us anew with forgiveness for the past. 

You show us a path, just as we feel the most lost. 

9. Jesus Nailed to the Cross

Lord even through your suffering and pain and death,
You knew exactly what you were doing.

You died to take our suffering away,
To light the world with a kind of love previously unknown.

May we better our world that is enraptured in darkness,
Help and offer love, even as we too feel despair.

Help us see beyond ourselves
To notice the needs of the vulnerable around us.

10. Jesus Dies

Lord we don’t know what comes next.

We don’t yet know why you had to die. 

We don’t know when this disease will pass. 

Yet we must trust in you. 

Our hope is not held in this world. 

In death there is still life.

No darkness could extinguish your light. 

11. Jesus Removed from the Cross

Lord just as you were carried away from the cross, 
We are all carried by others.

A whole world of your followers worships you 
In many different ways. 

We are called to care for one another 
In life and death, in sickness and health
Throughout a diverse world filled with our family members in Christ.

12. Jesus Placed on Tomb

Lord your story did not end with your death, but began there

As we offer ourselves to do your work, 
We know we will never complete our tasks. 

Your kingdom come 
With every small act of generosity, 
Every apology of wrongdoing, 
Every imperfect attempt at love. 

We take one step forward, 
So our children may continue on our journey.


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