Author: Jill Walton
March 27, 2019

My oldest child is going to be finishing high school in June. I have been dreading this day since I took her last first day of school picture. She will move on to college in another town and not be around every day. This is going tosuch an adjustment for all of us. She always let her voice be heard and usually very loudly. We will miss her. But she will be back for breaks and the occasional weekend. Being finished isn't always an awful thing. She willthe opportunity to meet new people, have new adventures, and find out who she is in this big world. If I have done myright, she will grow to becontributing membersociety and hopefully, has a heart for Jesus.

The last words Jesus said on the cross were, 'it is finished' (John 19:30). His time on Earth was done. He was finishedhe paid his debt so that we would have eternal life. But he really isn't finished with us, is he? God is always working through us, helping us to be better, walking a life for Him, with Him. I have had a few moments in my life when ahas ended, it is almost like I could hear Jesus' words whispered in my ears, and I could breathe again. It was a season to let go and to move on. Something else was coming. Something new. Something hopeful.


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