Prayer of Petition May 21, 2017

Author: John Morgan
May 22, 2017

Creator God, you have made the whole world and everything in it, you are the Lord of heaven and earth.  Everywhere we look in creation we see your glory, in the warmth of the spring sun bringing forth dazzling flowers and lush green leaves of new life.  We see you in the grandeur of the heavens, the billions of stars that light up the night sky and the galaxies spinning far beyond our reach.  We thank you Lord for this place where we live and pray that you would continue to trust us to care for this garden where you have set you children.  Forgive us when we use it without counting the cost, enable us to nurture and protect its resources so that life may flourish forever.

From Adam you created all humanity, remind us that we are all kin, regardless of the color of our skin or the accent of our language.  You made the nations and set the boundaries of our existence, let us work together to bring peace to our world and health to all its people.  We are your offspring, all of us your children, help us to live as one human family, respecting one another and loving all with the love you showed to us in Jesus Christ.

You have created us to search for you, O Lord.  We are restless Lord until we find our rest in you.  We realize the emptiness within our hearts that can only be filled with your presence.  We long for your presence with us, we cry out when we feel lost and alone, we know that there is something missing in our lives when we are not in relationship with you.  We thank you for Jesus the messiah, who touched those who were sick, who fed those who were hungry, who gave living water to those who were thirsty.  We pray that he would guide us on this journey into the paths which will lead us to you.  Direct our ways so that we might find the still waters of your peace and the green pastures of your provision. 

In you o Lord we live and move and have our being.  Empower us to be effective servants of your will.  Help us to continue your work of reconciliation among friends and enemies.  Let our lives show your love so clearly that others will seek you too.  When we see the idols that grieve you, may we speak confidently to those who are lost.  Give us the words and the actions that will be able to speak of your true presence and inspire people to worship you.

We lift up our prayers of petition for those who feel they are groping in the dark for you.  Bring healing to those who are sick, battling cancer and disease, or undergoing surgery.  Stand by the side of their loved ones who wait and care for them.  Support with your love those who grieve, whether their loss in still fresh or continues to linger many years after.  Let those who are lost find you Lord.  Those who struggle with mental illness, depression or anxiety.  Those who are lonely and long for relationship that will bring love not more pain.  Strengthen the weak and bring clarity to the confused.  We offer ourselves to you O Lord this day.  Use these flawed vessels to bring your love and peace to this world.  May we discover anew every day the joy which comes from being your beloved children.


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