Prayers of Petition - September 17, 2017

Author: Pastor John Morgan
September 18, 2017

In life and in death, we belong to you O Lord.  We are so grateful that you have called us your very own and that everything in our life and even our death is lived out under your watchful care. 

You are with us in the everyday activities of our lives.  You wake us in the morning with a fresh beginning.  You walk with us through our daily tasks.  You give us daily food to sustain our bodies so that we can serve you.  At work you guide us in decisions, at school you open our minds to new ideas, at play you laugh with us.  You have given us friends and family with whom we share our lives.  Help us Lord, to be more aware of your presence in our daily life.

Thank you Lord, for being with us in the struggles of life.  When we are exhausted from the toil and stress of our days give us your peace and rest.  When we are in pain and suffering in times of illness, bring us your healing and the balm of your presence.  When we feel lost and are not sure which way to go, direct our steps and lead us into paths of your will.

We confidently lift up those who we know need your care this day: those in the hospital, those undergoing treatment, those who are depressed, those who just need a helping hand, those who are dealing with grief.  Hold them in your loving arms and let them know they belong to you and you will never let them go.

We also pray for our country and our world. We continue to lift us those whose lives have been devastated by hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.  Be with those aid responders as they give assistance as they help people put their lives back together.  We pray for the places where violence and aggression have shattered the peace of everyday living.  For London after the bombing and the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar where people are fleeing for their lives.  We pray for some diplomatic solution to the aggression being shown by North Korea and fervently pray that the impasse can be bridged before it deteriorates into war.

In life and in death we belong to you.  Be with those who are facing death to know that you will never leave them.  Be with us that we might live with the courage and assurance that we belong to you no matter what.  And remind us always of the joy which will come when your reign covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.


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