Author: Betsy McCarter
March 27, 2019

How does one find God when one feels like they have lost even themselves? It’s a question I struggle with almost daily as I struggle with anxiety and depression. There is a darkness that seems impregnable and it turns me inward, away from those I love, even from God. I doubt and I fear. In my grey world, Good Friday serves as an annual reminder that I am absolutely unworthy of the sacrifice Jesus made. I doubt even more. Yet, God has consistently and patiently drawn me back. God listens to my doubts and fears. It is in the times when I am still and let God fill me that I find the blackness lifting a bit, and I can truly say I see a glimmer of the person God inspires me to be. Lent is a tough time when your world is grey. That is why it is the perfect season to take the time to let God into your soul to lead you to find the colors of Easter morning.

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