WPC Oral History: Interview with Emma Diduch

Author: Katie Lee
May 09, 2020

Emma Diduch is a few days away from graduating from William & Mary! She was the Seminary Track Intern at WPC last year. I want to thank Emma for participating in my project.

Unfortunately, there’s no audio for this week.

What is one aspect of your family life that has continued throughout your life?

Church! My parents taught me that it’s not just about attending, but participating. Our social life was surrounded around church and community. I appreciate the sense of consistency that comes with a church community. My family’s tradition has also taught me a sense of service and looking outward. When my parents attended William & Mary, they were a part of the Wesley Foundation with the Methodist church. While I rebelled by joining Ukirk, I still participated with the Wesley Foundation and I’ve felt a connection in my parents’ college careers and my own.

How has faith shaped your life?

Faith has changed my outlook on social justice, service, and what is right. This has strongly tied into my research for my honors thesis and the work I’ve done with the Appalachia Service Project. I think about faith, but I don’t always more conventionally pray or read my bible.

Are there any ways you would like to see WPC change?

I would like to see more interactions between Ukirk and the church. I think there’s sometimes a certain attitude of the congregation that is overly concerned with order and formality that I would like to see go. I would very much like to see the church approve gay marriage. However, I understand that change is gradual. 


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