Author: Lauren Hoak
March 20, 2019

Recently, I decided to take an online class about vocational discernment that was offered to my YAV class. Because I wasn't working enough hours at the time, I decided to sign up because I love a good opportunity to learn more about myself. Of course, the moment the course started, I started a new group at work and I am now busier than ever!

I'm telling you all this because that "intentional" piece of my intentional-living community is starting to feel pretty darn hard. I actually think living intentionally in any context is difficult, but especially when your schedule starts to fill up. If I want to have time to move my body and do yoga, I now have to do that bright and early in the morning. If I want to be eating healthy food, I have to meal prep ahead of time. If I want to remain consistent with my prayer/devotional life, that also means getting up earlier in the morning or staying up later at night. All of this doesn't even include the intentionality that I have to have with my flatmates on a daily basis.

It has been tough, and I have felt overwhelmed a lot. However, there is always a marked difference between the days that I choose to be intentional, and the days that I chose to let that part of my life fall by the wayside. Intentionality is hard and it takes effort, vulnerability, and openness to change, but I am always the better for it. Despite the challenges and roadblocks I've encountered, I am immensely grateful for this opportunity to focus on being intentional. It has changed my outlook in so many ways, some that I probably won't even realize until I return home.


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