Author: "A" Williams
March 20, 2019

Here, have some more!

Here we are!

Here it is!

Here! (Present and Accounted For)

Here is such an exciting word, even when on the long road trip, "Finally here!" is a wonderful thing to hear. We long for God's reign to be HERE and now, we hope that joy is HERE in our worship, we hope HERE will be a sanctuary for those in need, here is important to the very idea of community.

So when Jesus tells the disciple HERE is your mother and tells his mom that HERE is your son, it is not merely an arrangement to make sure that they are taking care of each other as familiar tradition. For we assume that the disciple still has a mother alive, and we know that Mary still has sons. So this statement of HERE is important to the very ideals that Jesus wishes to leave behind. One where family and community are not limited by blood or nationality, but one where those who are with another in any given moment become those who are needed in that moment. Jesus wishes that we are all HERE when needed, to step in and fill fully the needs of others. Not only that but that we are HERE as we have need, as we have emptiness allowing others to fill as they are able.

So how will we be HERE for others today? How will we discover where HERE is for others and for ourselves? Who is God placed near, and what does being HERE for each other look like?

Art: The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt


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