Pastor's Perspective: Prayer During Lent

Author: Rev. John Morgan
February 23, 2018

Prayer is a vital practice during the Lenten Season. Often, we take these weeks of Lent to revitalize and focus our discipline of prayer. Prayer is a way we open ourselves to God and respond to God's desire to be in communion with us. Most of the time when we think of prayer we think of having a conversation with God, talking with God about our life, our needs, our concerns and our hopes. I would like to encourage you to expand your practice of prayer during Lent. There are many ways we can open ourselves to God and it doesn't always have to be with words. In our former Directory for Worship in the Book of Order it describes a wonderful variety of prayer:

One may wait upon God in attentive and expectant silence.

One may meditate upon God's gifts, God's actions, God's Word, and God's character.

One may contemplate God, moving beyond words and thoughts to communion of one's spirit with the Spirit of God.

One may draw near to God in solitude.

One may pray in tongues as a personal and private discipline.

One may take on an individual discipline of enacted prayer through dance, physical exercise, music, or other expressive activity as a response to grace.

One may enact prayer as a public witness through keeping a vigil, through deeds of social responsibility or protest, or through symbolic acts of disciplined service.

One may take on the discipline of holding before God the people, transactions, and events of daily life in the world.

One may enter into prayer covenants or engage in the regular discipline of shared prayer.

The Christian is called to a life of constant prayer, of "prayer without ceasing." (Rom. 12:12; 1 Thess. 5:17) There are so many ways we can connect to God. The only wrong way to pray is to not take the time to do it.

May your prayer life richly bless you this Lenten Season.

-Peace, John


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