Spiritual Practice #2: Play

Author: Adrian Williams
May 12, 2020

A parable:

A master once referred to the Hindu notion that all creation is “leela”—God’s play—and the universe is God’s playground. The aim of spirituality, he claimed, is to make all life play.

This seemed too frivolous for a particular visitor. “So, is there no room then for work?”

“Of course there is,” the Master said, “But work becomes spiritual only when it is transformed into play.”

Think about your work. What makes it joyful? How do you make that joy into play?  How is this work connected to your spiritual life? What about your current work space connects to your spiritual life?

Think about play. How does play connect to your perceived purpose in life? How does play help you create in your work?

How does play encourage us to live in a moment in ways that work doesn’t?

Play is a critical component of spirituality. Sit and work on a puzzle, do some coloring of a mandala or find a word or phrase you’d like to meditate on while coloring. Feel free to also grab some paper and just draw or create something of your own. These simple acts enable us to not see this time as work, but as play—an intentional time to delight in creativity and spend sacred time with God.

Where would you like more play in your life? How can you infuse parts of play into those pieces of life?  How does being present connect us with God?


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