A lot of music and a song of grace...

Author: Rebecca Elton
July 19, 2017

Day 4

I have been exposed to so much new music this week through multiple “Reading Sessions”. Each faculty member picked three pieces they wanted to share with us and led the whole group through them. Because the music is specifically geared toward use with children’s choirs, multiple pieces have sparked my interest. There is one anthem I absolutely fell in love with – “I See You God” by Mark Burrows. I would share some of the profound lyrics with you, but that would mean ruining the surprise! You are just going to have to wait to hear them in worship.

Tomorrow, I will be leading the morning worship service and presenting my conducting piece during class, so I know I will have much to share. For now, I just want to share a God-moment from my Choral Methods class.

In the middle of class…

Mark Patterson: Who would like to volunteer to try this warm up?

Rebecca (thinking): I really should step outside my comfort zone and try this, but I’m not sure what will happen, so I’ll let someone else have this turn.

Katie raises her hand and completes the warm up effectively.


Mark: Can I get a volunteer to demonstrate this above/below pitch exercise?

Rebecca (thinking): I need to have more confidence in myself and my abilities and I think God is calling me to give it a try…

Ellen raises her hand and completes the exercise fluidly.

Mark: You can also try that another way. How about another volunteer?

Rebecca (thinking): But that means I will have to sing by myself, in front of all of these amazing singers. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Maryann raises her hand and completes the modified exercise expertly.

Mark: Let’s try it one more time…

Rebecca (thinking): I’m sure I could have done that last one! Oh well, too late. God, am I imagining this voice telling me to raise my hand…

Anthony raises his hand and completes the exercise confidently.


Mark: I want to show you all how you can work towards blending by adjusting the volume of just a couple of singers. Ok, I’m going to need two volunteers to come down front and sing “Amazing Grace!” Rebecca(thinking): Ok, Ok, God. I get it. Sorry you had to shout. You know I can never say no to “Amazing Grace!”

Rebecca raises her hand and, along with Janis, completes the activity beautifully.


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