WPC Oral History: Interview with Pam Hrncir

Author: Katie Lee
May 15, 2020

This week features our new pastor, Pam Hrncir! I want to thank Pam for participating in my project. Pam has a fascinating life story, so I recommend listening to the audio to hear her story!

What is the purpose of church to you?

Maybe this is cliché, but the Gospel. I don’t think we’re very good at communicating the Gospel, but that’s really what people are looking for. This is transformation and connection with God. We’re born to God and die to God, and the church needs to be the space where people can encounter God. Whether it's worship or our ministries, it’s giving people a chance to have an awakening like I did, through relationships. I don’t think it’s about repenting or confessing sins; I think it’s through our relationships that people encounter Jesus and are awakened to God’s grace. People desperately need that in the world… I think sometimes we make it more complicated than it needs to be.  

What ministries do you feel passionately about at WPC?

What I’m doing. This role is ideal as congregational care and pastoral care is where I’m called right now. I’m also excited about overseeing the new members. Since we moved around a lot, we know what it’s like to be outsiders. We’ve been in good churches where people are very welcoming and connect us. We’ve also been in other churches where you sit on the periphery. Eventually, I want to be mostly concerned with people who sit on the periphery in the church. I want to help people feel comfortable to get involved and feel connected in the church.

Are there any ways you would like to see WPC change?

I would like to see us become more relational. I think in some ways we already are, and we need to continue to build on that. We are big, so we need to help everyone feel connected. There’s usually a story why people aren’t connected. It’s easy to minister to those who show up. Why are others not showing up? That’s always my question. It’s about saying I want to get to know you for no other reason than to get to know you. Not for your money, or to make you join a committee. So many demands are thrown at us in the world today, it’s powerful when someone wants to get to know you without any strings.


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