Why Involve Your Child With a Food Drive?

Author: Adrian Williams
July 06, 2020

This one may seem obvious but it is worth a look anyway.  We want our children to stretch their empathy “muscles” and in doing so understand what they can do to help others. Children often are willing volunteers because they want to help as many people as they can—especially other kids. One child I worked at a food bank with said, “I think kids should get fruits and veggies because it gives them the opportunity to feel good inside.”  Another child when asked why they volunteered said, “It tells others they’re not alone in this world. People will help them through life.”

Per Feeding America, in the U.S. today, 11 million children face hunger—that’s 1 in 7 kids. Chances are, someone your child goes to school with may not have enough to eat. The problem is vast but often hidden. Children can make a positive difference in the lives of other kids in need when they are inspired to take action to fight hunger.  Feeding America has a great resource available online:  Hungry to Help Family Action Plan.

Take a look at it, share the stories within, and then work with your children to put together a donation for the drive-by food collection on July 25 at WPC. Work with them to think about what they would want to eat, what things are easy/hard to make, and how to be healthy. Then bring them with you on the 25th so they can see that this is a cause that others they know in church and the community care about as well and feel part of the larger work being done.


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