Disciple Class

February 23, 2021
The Disciple Bible Study program has been a part of Christian Education at WPC for more than fifteen years. Classes are based on the Disciple Bible Study curriculum published by Cokesbury with the theme, “becoming Disciples through Bible study.” It includes six year...


Deacons Part 2

February 15, 2021
Our series continues with profiles of two of our deacons in the class of 2023. Ellen Peters Fun Facts:  Apple or PC? EP: PC!  I’ve hated Apple ever since my kids wanted iPods, which invariably broke on a regular basis.  Favorite food or most...


Session Members Part 1

February 02, 2021
This week we introduce three of our elders in the class of 2023 as part of an ongoing profile of our leaders.  Kerry McCarter Administration Ministry Fun Facts:  If you could do anything, what would you do?  KM: If I were not a Venturer, I would be a ...


Meet Preschooler Moms Who Bond in MOPS

January 19, 2021
As the mom of a preschooler, it is easy to get worn out from a little one’s endless supply of energy – not to mention everything else like work, grocery shopping, cooking, school, washing clothes, and volunteer activities.  To unwind, share experiences, and g...


Second Families Program: Patty & Terry Hancock

January 11, 2021
Patty and Terry Hancock know the name and life story of each college student who stops by WPC before that student has learned his or her way around campus. Not only have they had three wonderful experiences with “second daughters” Lizzy, Gaby, and Brittany, but they i...


Barry Brown: WPC Broadcasting

December 15, 2020
2020 brought the arrival of COVID-19. Fortunately, WPC was ready to continue our worship service due to the forethought of Barry Brown, the person behind the conversion to streaming our worship service over four years ago. When asked how this happened, Barry isn’t sure but ...


WPC Chancel Choir

December 07, 2020
This week we take an inside look at the WPC Chancel Choir through the eyes of longtime choir members Kit and Fritz Ober. Kit and Fritz Ober have been members of the WPC Chancel Choir for fifteen years.  Kit was born in Cleveland, but lived her formative years in Sheridan,...


Presbyterian Men's Fellowship

November 23, 2020
"We Shall Return" The Rallying Cry of the Presbyterian Men’s Fellowship  Can you guess which one of these Presbyterian Men’s Fellowship leaders still puts in long days in the salt mine? Not Hank Vernon, the Program Chair, who has abandoned the gridiron for an...


Open Door Concert Series

November 17, 2020
This week we speak with Tom Bozek and Ellen Morgan to understand the origins of the Open Door Concert Series and how the program has been adapted to serve our community during the pandemic. Planning for the concert series, now in its second season, began in May, 2018 through the ...


Nancy Harwood: WPC Motel Ministry

November 10, 2020
In this profile, Nancy Harwood shares information about the WPC Motel Ministry, her involvement with it, and how others can support this important work for the community.  Tell us about yourself and why you got interested in this ministry. NH: I grew up in northern Il...


Our Deacons Part 1

November 03, 2020
This week we introduce four deacons in the class of 2023 as part of an ongoing profile of our leaders. Andy Andre Andy Andre grew up in the Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Calvin College and became a Navy pilot, serving in Vietnam.  He late...


Thoughtful Christian Class

October 27, 2020
What is the Thoughtful Christian Class? A conversation with current class members. Thoughtful Christian concentrates mainly on current events and world problems, but also studies short books and publications of a religious nature. It’s not a Bible study class; there is ...


Fighting Hunger Next Door

October 19, 2020
Join Megan & Jim on October 24 The impact of COVID-19 has caused hundreds of neighboring families to need food.  These families do not know Jim Winthrop or Megan Davis. They do not know that Jim’s and Megan’s leadership helps keep their families fed. Jim,...


Chris Bechtler

October 12, 2020
Connecting with Chris Bechtler An Interview from the WPC Connections Team Over the past five years in your role as Director of Music Ministries, most of us have seen you in a serious light, dressed in black robes as you conduct the choir on Sunday morning. During this pandemi...


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